WoW Post 4

I still rarely see any other players outside of quest areas and quest turn in spots, especially socializing. I was curious about if this is the way the game normally is so I asked my cousin who plays more than I do and from what it sounds like it is a bad time to be on since it is towards the end of an expansion that nobody really liked where they are about to overhaul a bunch of the starting area mechanics as well as some other changes to the game. So at least I have somewhat of an answer to the behavior of other players I’ve come across so far, despite what seems like a great time to pick up a MMORPG game. I still think it would be interesting to take a psychological approach to how different mechanics of the game affect the chemistry of the brain, like I mentioned earlier with the questing. I think it would also be interesting to see what effects things like selling old equipment has, or leveling up, or discovering a new part of the map. Additionally it could be interesting to see if there is a certain level of frustration that can build up that causes a player to cave in an buy one of the bundles or boosts to bypass the monotony and grinding through quests.

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