MMORPG – Black Desert Online, Post 2

I find the quests to be tedious, but there isn’t much else to do besides grinding my level. I would say that there is too much information to absorb and I’m sure there is much more to the game, but I’m not really sure where to start. I get the feeling that I’m still on the surface level of what the game has to offer and having never gone in-depth in an MMORPG before, I don’t have prior experience to guide me.

The classes are very confusing and seem to also be gender-specific, which is very frustrating. The women in the game also seem to be sexualized, but this is the sort of thing I expect to see anyway. This is an example of some male and female classes in their wiki (to be fair, they are not all bad):

I’m not very invested in the main quest and I couldn’t honestly say what the story is really about. The world is very beautiful and the map is extensive.

There are also clans and guilds, though I’m not really sure how I would join them. A lot still left to learn

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