MMORPG – Black Desert Online, Post 3

So, clans have up to 15 players and guild have up to 100 players. Players cannot be in a clan if they are in a guild. Both guilds and clans fight in wars, but clans cannot participate in guild wars.
Being in a guild adds rewards, skills, and a guild-exclusive chat.

The game does have PvP, but a player cannot participate until they are above level 50. One place to do this is in areanas.

It seems level 50 is fairly significant, as it is also changes some of the main quests. It is recommended to do all of the black spirit’s quests, because “although the Black Spirit can get a little annoying sometimes, it only means the best for you. So treat it with affection and carry out the quests it gives you”. This is mainly so you gain experience in combat and get the rewards from the quests.

The central market seems to be more simple than I initially thought. I suppose the amount of text was the more intimidating part. The central market can even be accessed from a mobile web page, which seems really unique.

I definitely like the auto running and how you can still look around and hit the sprint without interrupting it. You can also mute the nearly constant notifications about guild wars and the central market. It seems that eventually you can get a boat and explore the ocean, which sounds like an amazing time and not something I’ve seen another game do. There’s sea monsters and this place called Sea of Silence, which sounds interesting. It does require a level of 50, so I got a bunch of grinding to do!

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