MMORPG – Black Desert Online, Post 4

Like with most games I’ve encountered, leveling becomes harder and more time consuming the higher level you get. Getting to level 50 is going to be harder than I thought. But, I found more things to look forward to!
There are underwater ruins that you can explore and a place called Star’s End which is the site a meteorite crash.

I wish I could explore more now, but there is still a lot I can uncover. I ended up going to places early and having to come back later for quests, so it seems that exploring on my own might be pointless for the time being.

The map is very well designed, showing the sun’s position and easy to understand icons that can be turned on and off. You can see where high-level monsters are so that you can avoid them or try seeking them out I suppose. It also is a really easy way to see housing. Housing is still something I am working through, but it seems that you can decorate it how you would like if you can buy the materials. If that is the case, that is something I am also looking forward to.

As a player who really loves exploration and having my own slice of the world, the houses and map excite me the most but I also like how fluid the combat feels. It does make you feel empowered, even when grinding. This is definitely a game I will continue to play. Disappointing that the more interesting parts take a while to get to though.

It seems like you can have two characters, so I made a new character to try out another class. I was then remembered how much of a pain the beginning tutorials are, so that might actually wait until another time. Since I went through character creation again, I am reminded of how it is weirdly both constricting and not. I can alter a character’s facial structure, but they are very limited options like hair and tattoos.
I also saw how the Striker and Mystic seem to be male and female counterparts, but for some reason, the Striker has more control with everything else being the same. I think it’s really stupid and makes me question why anyone would choose the girl except for looks. Pretty annoying, but also minor in the long run. Being a dude is chill with me, but I just don’t get the difference.

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