Week 1 WoW – Corrina Martinez

Today, I started playing World of Warcraft. I’ve never really been much of a gamer, so this is my first experience with an MMORPG, and it took me a little bit of getting used to. Today I mostly focused on exploring the world and figuring out what I’m supposed to do. This game is very quest-oriented, and while I enjoyed being told what to do so I didn’t just stand around looking lost, I can see how it could get boring fast. Once I got the hang of things and leveled my player up a bit, I stopped following the quests and just explored Falconwing Square. I was really amazed by the level of detail that was put into this game. The architecture is beautiful, I took a picture of the castle, and the square itself is beautiful, too, with the different colored leaves on the trees and the fountain in the middle. Other than admiring the architecture, I did learn a few things that will help me the next time I play and begin the actual project. For example, I mastered the controls of the game which we very confusing and clunky to me at first. I had to stop every few seconds to turn, but I’ve got it figured out now. Second, I learned how to use the map, which will be helpful in my exploring different cities to find interesting people to talk to. Third, I learned how to dance which is probably the greatest accomplishment of all. And last, but not least, I discovered that there are a ton of people everywhere. At least, today there were. I was surprised by how crowded it was in the streets and the squares, and when I would arrive to do some of the quests, there would be a group of people just standing around, waiting to kill the boss when it respawned. It was super interesting, but at least now I know it shouldn’t be too hard to find people to chat with when I come back next time.

The castle in FalconWing Square
FalconWing Square
Finally learning how to dance

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