Week 3 WoW – Corrina M

I had another odd interaction today. I’ve continued to play with coughonppl when we’re both online, and today as we were wandering around trying to find the location of our next quest, a stranger approached us and said hello. Since the goal of this project is to talk to people, I engaged in a short conversation with him wherein he asked us what we were doing. We told him we were doing a quest over in Fairbreeze Village, and when he told us he was going there too, we invited him to come along with us. So he did, and it actually felt nice, like I was on a team. We had to stop every once in a while to fight off creatures and it was cool to fight with a team because on my own I probably would have died. But the odd part of the interaction came when we got to Fairbreeze Village. We all approached the npc we were supposed to talk to to complete the quest, and then our new friend turned around and ran off without even a goodbye. I know this is probably not strange to people who have played MMOs before and done quests with strangers (it could be completely normal), but since this is my first MMO and I haven’t completely gotten to know the people in it, it struck me as odd that he just left. Maybe he didn’t think of it as a team like I had. Perhaps he figured we were just all going to the same place at the same time and then he had somewhere else to go. This seems like a likely enough explanation. I suppose I still have some learning to do about how people interact with each other in virtual worlds.

stranger approaches
following coughonppl through town
headed to Fairbreeze Village
Headed to Fairbreeze Village with our new friend
The three of us headed to Fairbreeze Village
Combat cause why not?

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