Week 4 final WoW – Corrina M

Today coughonppl introduced me to the friends that they play online with. We did a bunch of quests together and they acted just like each other. It was like they were all the same person, cracking the same kinds of jokes, dancing randomly, showing off. It was a bit weird but also pretty fun. Unfortunately, it was so fun, I forgot to take screenshots with them, but I will still attach some photos from today of my avatar in combat. Even without the screenshots, I learned some very valuable things from this group. I definitely confirmed that this game is more fun with friends and I really should join a guild. I also think I was right about my hypothesis from week 2, that people (or at least some people) play these types of games because of their friends, not necessarily because it looks fun on its own. It’s like when you go to Walmart with your friends. Walmart isn’t fun, but with your friends it can be. I think it’s similar with WoW because I don’t think anyone plays WoW for the never-ending quests. There are just too many of them all at once and it’s overwhelming. But with friends, you sort of forget you’re doing quests, you’re just running around and having fun. I think this was a valuable insight for me because it gave me a glimpse at the community aspect of MMOs. Before, I had talked to many people, but not at the same time. This was the first time I was actually in a group of players, and I’m sure it’s similar for any other group of friends who play together. Community is what brings the whole game together. That’s why MMOs exist. It’s so you can play and communicate with other people. Otherwise they would just be solo games, and I don’t think anyone would enjoy that as much. The only reason I enjoyed this game was because I was playing with other people a lot of the time, and so that’s the conclusion that I’m going to make for now. It’s not the game that draws people in. People don’t play WoW (and probably any other MMO) solely for the content. People play MMOs so they can be with other people. So they can interact with other people and play together. This is especially relevant right now when video games are one of the only ways people can communicate with each other during all of this social distancing, pandemic chaos. Humans long for companionship, and that’s what makes MMOs so successful. The community is the important part, not the world itself.

Fighting a Feral Dragonhawk Hatchling
I win!

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