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Just out of curiosity, I started to play Star Trek Online. Adam form class first told me about this game a while back and asked if I played. I responded with a no because at that time I was not interested in playing another MMORPG always-online game. I had enough. After looking into it and seeing that you can start playing for free, it got me curious.

Do most of these always online MMORPG’s have grindable daily/weekly quests, bounties, activities that you can do in order to gain experience or new stuff?

So I went about and created a new character. Not that much different than any other RPG. You created a character, choose how they look, what faction or class they are and an alliance to be a part of. After which the game takes you through the tutorial. Honestly, it wasn’t different than every other game. You start off at the central hub and you go from point A to point B. Getting the tutorial text on the screen telling you how to do different things.

After which there has to be a certain point in which your character gets put into this world. In this instance, you get assigned to your ship and it gets attacked by “Bad Guys”. In this case, the Klingons, attack the ship that you are on, the caption of the ship gets taken and then killed. So NATURALLY, your character gets made caption. You take control of this ship than it takes you through the ship combat tutorial.

This this tutorial takes you through different missions. In these missions you learn ship combat and a brief history of some of the prominent enemies within the game such as the Borg.

This is a picture of Adam streaming his gameplay through Discord to me, to just show me his game. He is much further than I am and at a much higher level. On the top right-hand side of the screen below the map, it the quest objective box. The type of quests do change as you progress through the game. The quests get harder, make you do different types, give you progressively better rewards and currency in order for you to upgrade your ship, crew, character and so on.

This has not been any different in any MMORPG that I have played outside this class or during this class. Destiny, WOW, ESO, Star Trek Online. All have activities for you to do in order to gain experience and loot. Some more mundane than others but all of them have the same undercurrent.

-Put repeatable activities in the game that rotate on a daily or weekly basis in order to keep the player base constantly involved within the game. No matter the cost. –

I understand this idea is the core of all always online games. keeping the player base involved and always doing stuff within the game. But like I have said in my white paper. This isn’t a good means of keeping the community happy or engaged. More meaningful activities have to be put within the game that gives the players invested time, value, and meaning.

Sadly, we aren’t there. Although many games are changing the bounty/quest/mission system to be more valuable towards the players, this is something that takes time. It will happen, progressively, as we the community, continue to be invested within the games that we love, and spend many hours playing. But this is a slow process and we as players have to be patient and understandable in the technological limitations or resource constraints that these different developers have to overcome. So-be patient-.

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