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I’m re-integrating tutorials and resource lists with the new Jupyter-friendly plugin.  This should be done by 8AM 6 February.

Until then, I encourage you to have a look (and work through) tutorials like the ones shared below.  You can never practice too much with this material.

Important note:  Video tutorials are always tough, and imperfect.  Don’t be discouraged.  Force them to work your way by using the pause button, by re-winding and fast-forwarding, and by activating the (imperfect) automated transcription service (CC) often available for each video.  When they are filled with lots of content I already know, I tend to set the video speed at 1.25 or 1.5; when I want them to slow down, I’ll set the speed to 0.75 (too much slower and it becomes impossible to listen to).

There are a lot of terrible, awful, dreadful tutorials available online.  That’s why I spend so much time writing my own — mine aren’t great, but they tend towards a coherence that others often lack (in fairness, video tutorials, like most digital media, are a lot more work than you’d think.)  But even so, there are some good ones out there — even some great ones.  So here are some that I’ve found useful (or interesting) — maybe you’ll think they are useful, too.

If you find others that you particularly like, please let me know, and I’ll share them ’round.

Again, more of ours available tomorrow (Tuesday).




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