Tutorials: Lists and Loops

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Breaking News: Something odd seems to be happening when I try to serve Git-hosted .ipynb pages via Binder.org. It is happening to others’ pages, as well. So let’s cut out the middleman and just serve them up via Jupyter’s notebook viewer website (hosted, it turns out, by Github).

I’ll collect new links for these presently. For the nonce, though, here’s the latest one:

XML Pandas iTunes Tutorial.


Further Update: Hey — the binder server seems to be running a bit slow AND/OR crashing unpredictably today. They say they are working on getting it back up and running ASAP. If you click on a notebook / tutorial and it doesn’t open, try again a bit later… Sorry.

UPDATED: Now with more itunes, XML, Pandas-oriented goodness.

More insight into Loops: Tutorial

LISTS are one of the most important things to understand before we tackle things like Twitter and Natural Language Text Processing. Here are two different tutorials to explain them: Intro to Lists and List Tutorial.

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